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Is Trawel Fly an airline?

No, Trawel Fly is an operator that acquires capacity from important air carriers in Italy and Europe, and distributes this capacity through the best tour operators, travel agents or directly to final customers.

What is the code of a Trawel Fly flight?

The code of the flight is the code of the carrier which operates the flight and it will be shown on the voucher of your booking confirmation.

What are the obligations of Trawel Fly in case of inefficiency?

Trawel Fly acts in full compliance with Community legislation and in accordance with the Terms and Conditions listed on this site.

What documents do I need to board the flight?

A valid identity document is required for check-in operations and a copy of the voucher with your booking confirmation.


Where do I buy Trawel Fly ticket?

Trawel Fly ticket can be bought through our website (www.trawelfly.com), or the booking office 0039 02 39192530 or at airport ticket offices, or in travel agencies.

How can I pay for the ticket?

Trawel Fly ticket booked through our website www.trawelfly.com can be paid by credit card, Visa or Mastercard. If you book your trip through our booking office, you can pay by credit card or banking money transfer at least 7 days prior to departure.

What is the deadline for ticket purchasing?

Online tickets can be purchase up to 3 hours before departure. Booking office or airport offices tickets can be purchase up to 2 hours before departure.

Whom to contact for ticket changing?

Tickets bought through the website can be changed online by accessing the section “My booking”. Attention: online changes are possible only for single reservations or group reservations as long as all travellers make the same change. If one member of a group wants to change the reservation, it can be done by calling the booking office directly. Name changes and/or cancellations must be requested directly to the booking office 0039 0239192530. Tickets purchased through airport ticket office or travel agency, can be changed or cancelled at place of purchase or through the booking office.

What is the deadline for ticket changes?

Booking changes are allowed through the website or by calling the booking office up to 3 hours before departure, by paying a € 25 penalty fee per passenger each way (€ 35 for Sharm el Sheikh), this option is subject to the booking office working hours. If the total cost for the new reservation is higher than the previous one, payment for the difference must be made at time of new booking. On the contrary, no refund is provided if total cost of new booking is lower than the previous one. No change of name is allowed after ticket has been partially used, or is expired or, if the flight requested is sold out.

When can i request a ticket refund?

Refund for inused ticket can be requested depending on the fare classes. For more information, please consult the section “Fare rules and classes”.


Can toddlers bring a baggage?

Infants (under 2 years of age) can sit on an adult's lap. Toodlers are not allowed supplementary baggage beyond the adult passenger's.

What is the maximum baggage allowance?

Each passenger, with the exception of toddlers, who aren't allowed to bring a free baggage, the weight limit is 15 kilos total for one baggage.

How much does extra baggage cost?

The fee for each baggage that exceeds the 15 kilos limit is 8 euro per kilo.

Can I bring a hand laggage?

Each passenger can bring a baggage on board not exceeding 5 kilos and whose dimension doesn't exceed 55X35X25 cm.


How long prior to the flight do I have to check-in?

Passengers must checked-in with enough time for check-in procedure. The check-in counter opens 2 hours before the flight and closes 40 minutes before departure, both for domestic and international flights. It is recommended to allow reasonable time for the check-in. Otherwise passengers will have to present themselves at the departing gate at least 25 minutes before their scheduled departure.

What document must I present at the airport?

At the check-in counter, passengers must present valid identification document. Self-certification is not valid for the purpose of identification. Children under 15 years of age must present a birth certificate along with a photo authenticated by the police authorities (this document is also valid for international flights as long as it is validated by the police authorities). It is your responsability to have valid documents to be presented to the border police and customs authorities). In addition, passengers must have possession of any and all documents requested by the foreign countries of destination. For more information, please consult the web site of Foreign Ministry http://www.viaggiaresicuri.mae.aci.it/

It is possible to do check-in online?

At the present moment, the check-in online is not achieved.


It is possible for a minor to travel unaccompanied?

Minors under 14 years of age are not allowed aboard unless accompanied by a passenger over 18 years of age. Minors travelling with adults who are not relatives must show a written authorization by the parents or a legal guardian. Passengers under 14 can travel alone by paying a service fee of 25 euro each way. This service can be requested from the booking office, providing the name and the telephone number for both adults who bring minor to the check-in and adult who meet minor at the destination.

Can I bring sporting equipement?

It is possible to carry a sporting equipement (golf, bike, windsurf, snowboard, skiing gear, surf and kitesurf) by paying service fee each way, not to exceed 15 kilos. To reserve this service, passenger must contact the booking office or their travel agency. It is also possible to carry diving equipment by paying a service fee.

Can I travel with my pet?

Trawel Fly doesn't accept animals to be placed in the cargo hold. Cats and dogs in cabin can be trasported by paying 30 euro each way and the single animal's weight can't exceed 10 kilos, including the cage. Animals transport with the passengers is regulated by (CE) N° 998/03 with the certification required by Dec. 2004/203/CE (modified by Dec. 2004/301/CE). The travelling passenger must show all documents requested by the authorities at the point destination. Animals are only accepted on board with the adequated cage which dimension must not exceed 115 cm (total lenght + height + depth). A maximum of 3 animals of the same especies are allowed in the same cage.